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.01 —


The brunette girl had wandered a good amount, to an area where she could at least catch the silhouettes of buildings. Being able to see some of the things that were around certainly did serve to relax her. The lack of other people had caused some unease, though. She could have sworn she had heard faint rustles or the sound of something moving about, but she had yet to actually see anyone.

It was then that she heard the familiar voice.

”.. Mary?”

Given what had occurred before, perhaps calling out to who she assumed was that certain person wasn’t the right (or rather, safe) idea. But part of her wanted to know whether she was simply hearing things or not, and it was already too late to stop herself, so..

As Mary headed towards where she thought people would be clustered, her head ran a mile a minute. It was her first time out of the gallery so it was expected for the seemingly young girl to be at least a little frazzled. 

But Mary was more excited than anything and to be perfectly honest, the golden haired girl had not heard Ib approaching. It wouldn’t be the first time the other escaped her knowledge. But she did, however, know her voice when she heard it.


Mary’s eyes expanded with excitement, her dear friend. In an instant, Mary began closing the space in between the two. Her intentions we’re not like how they last met however. All that Mary could think about was her want to be with Ib forever. Any thoughts of what Ib had done to her were pushed away, it couldn’t happen again. After all, her painting was nowhere to be found. 

"Look, Ib! I’m free..!!" 

If they wanted to get rid of her again, it would take more than an ordinary lighter this time. 

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.01 —

An open breeze, even if it was dry, was a new sensation to the young girl. Mary opened her eyes to a bleak surrounding. Where was she? This certainly was not part of the art exhibit she had roamed for so long.. 

Mary tried her very best to squint and make her eyes focus but the fog rolled over the buildings very heavily. But she knew she wasn’t alone and she wasn’t trapped!

The young girl threw herself to the ground and felt the dried up, patching grass. It wasn’t green like how she drew it but it was real. The first grass she ever felt, it was so soft to her.

"Is this what freedom feels like!" Mary was ecstatic. She rolled in the grass not worrying about the little pieces that were getting stuck in her hair. It didn’t matter, she wasn’t alone anymore.

Standing up from her little episode, she shook her locks of hair, letting a few pieces of grass fall to the ground. She didn’t want to ruin people’s first impression of her after all. “Now to head towards the town!”

Application —

Personal Tumblr: kyoumimi
Character Name: Mary
Series: Ib
Personality:  Childish, possesive, deceitful, lonely, and naive.  
Brief Biography:  Mary is a painting, by an artist named Guertena, that has been given her own life. She’s lived alone with the other pieces of art, wishing to be free/have a normal life. In her room you can find a book titled “How to Make Friends.” She longs for company so, when Garry and Ib stumbled into the maze the art gallery, she became very attached to them. However, in order for Mary to make it out and have a normal life one of the two has to die. Mary became very violent when Garry and Ib discovered her secret of not being a human.  
Weapons: Pallet knife 
Abilities: N/A